The Koninklijke Nederlandse Kaats Bond (KNKB), established in 1897, is one of the founding members of the international Handball Federation: “Confédération Internationale du Jeu de Balle (CIJB)”. 

Besides the founders of the CIJB (Holland, Belgium and France) another 3 European countries are affiliated: Spain, Italy and England. As well as the 6 European countries, another 15 American countries are members of the CIJB.


The international tournaments which were played during the latest 20 years are:

YEAR                                     TOURNAMENT                             COUNTRY

1993                                      5 Countries tournament              Spain

1994                                      European                                   France

1995                                      European                                   Italy

1996                                      World                                        Spain

1997                                      European                                   Holland

1998                                      World                                        France

1999                                      European                                   Italy

2000                                      World                                        Spain

2001                                      European                                   Holland

2002                                      World                                        Argentina

2003                                      European                                   France

2004                                      World                                        Italy

2007                                      European                                   Belgium

2008                                      World                                        Ecuador

2010                                      European                                   Spain


Results of the last World Championship (Men, 2008):

Llargues – Holland

International Game – Belgium

One Wall Handball – Mexico

Native Handball Modality: Ecuadorian Handball – Ecuador


Results of the last European Championship (Men, 2010):

Llargues – Belgium

International Game – Spain

One Wall Handball – England

Native Handball Modality: Galotxa - Spain


Results of the latest European Championship (Women, 2010):

One Wall Handball - Holland